Will I be allowed to work in UK?
Students who will be studying at Higher Education Institutions, which includes Universities and State funded colleges are allowed to work 20 hours per week in a degree level course and 10 hours in all courses below degree level.

How long does the Visa application process Takes?
The Visa application process is not constant anyhow students must apply at least 2 months prior to their course start date.

How much do I have to pay to Nextgen (Pvt) Ltd for acquiring their services?
Nextgen Pvt Ltd charges 30,000 Rs as consultancy, which includes admission and all other related consultancy services until visa has been granted.

Is my college fee refundable in case of visa rejection?
Tuition fees are only refundable if the student has been refused entry clearance/visa to the UK. This refund will be paid after deduction of minimal administrative charges as per college policy. No refund will be made under any of the following events:

  • Proven that admission was obtained on submission of false documentation / information.
  • A refund claim was made on false documentation / information.
  • A refund claim verification proves a fraudulent attempt.
  • Not submitting all required original documents identified in the CAS document.
  • Not submitting the correct “proof for maintenance fund”, which used to obtain the CAS.

Can Nextgen (Pvt) Ltd help me in maintaining my funds or Bank Statement?
No Nextgen Pvt Ltd can’t help any of its students for providing Bank statement nor can help any of its students for maintaining his balance. We strongly discourage any of these acts.

How much do I have to pay as initial deposit of my college fee?
The initial deposit and the total college fee depends on course and institution chosen.

Can I bring my dependants with me?
Yes but only if you are studying a course at level 7 or above and also studying at Higher Education Institution/ A University or any state funded college.